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Jeopardy! World Tour Leaderboards & Achievements Guide Guide


Jeopardy! Is a game of intellect, wit and strategy. By placing on one of the Jeopardy! World Tour Leaderboards, you’re not only showcasing your game dominance to all players, you might also win some great prizes!

Weekly Leaderboard

The weekly Leaderboard displays the players who have won the most amount of Cash within the current week. At the end of the week, the Leaderboard resets, and the top 3 players receive Gold Bar rewards!

Friend Leaderboards

This Leaderboard pits you against your Facebook friends - a decisive way to prove you’re smarter than them!

All-Time Leaderboards

This Leaderboard has some prestige attached to it; it ranks the top Cash winners of all time, along with the staggering amount of Cash they’ve won! Where do you rank?

Tournament and Event Leaderboards

Special tournaments and events also have Leaderboards, to track who’s in the lead! These Leaderboards will only appear while the events are active. Placing high on a Tournament or event Leaderboard can lead to winning amazing Cash or Gold Bar prizes!

Leaderboard Ties

In the event that two or more players achieve the same leaderboard score, the player who achieved the score first will place highest and win any prizes related to that placement. Other tied players will be listed in subsequent placements based on the same criteria. In other words, if five players on a leaderboard each have 100 points, they will place in order of when their score was achieved.

What are Achievements?

Achievements are special objectives to work towards while you play. Mastering these achievements will get you permanent rewards!

You can view available achievements and the criteria to achieve them in the rewards tab. When you perform the actions required for an achievement, your progress towards it will automatically update.

Other players will also be able to admire your achievements when they tap on your player profile!

What are Rewards?

Rewards are a symbol of recognition for a player’s outstanding achievements in Jeopardy! World Tour.

When you have met the criteria for certain achievements, you will be rewarded with a special title that denotes your expertise. These titles can be displayed on your player profile picture for other players to envy!

How do I see my Achievements and Rewards?

You can see your achievement process, as well as view and select your displayed reward title, on the rewards tab.

What are Daily/ Weekly Goals

Daily and Weekly goals are a series of objectives that can be completed within the allotted timeframe to receive a reward. The timer at the bottom of the page indicates how much time you have left to complete and collect rewards for each goal!

When the goal timer shown at the bottom of the page expires, your progress for all Daily and Weekly Goals are reset and a new set of goals will appear.

Tip: You can check your Daily and Weekly Goal progress and claim rewards by tapping on the clipboard icon with the green checkmark on the Jeopardy! World Tour home screen!

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