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Jeopardy! World Tour Events and Tournaments Guide

I Won a Game in a Tournament, But I Didn't Get Cash!

That's right, you don't get Cash for winning a single tournament game. You're competing to place high in the tournament leaderboard for the big prizes! You will, however, get a bonus on XP and gems when you complete tournament games.

How do I Participate in Tournaments?

Once you have reached Level 3, tournaments will be unlocked. When a tournament is active, you can access it from the event banner in the lobby, or through the events tab.

Simply play your first game and you’re automatically entered into the tournament with your score! Play additional Tournament rounds to try to improve your score, and earn a placement reward!

What are Tournaments?

Competition is at the heart of Jeopardy! World Tour, and tournaments are a great way of proving your intellectual mastery for rewards and recognition!

Tournaments are limited-time competitions where only your highest score matters! Participants with top single game scores win massive jackpots and other rewards! At the end of the Tournament, the top scoring participants win massive jackpots and other rewards!

Tournaments are open to all players that have reached Level 3.

What are Collection Events?

Collection Events are a new way of getting the most out of your daily dose of Jeopardy! World Tour.

When a Collection Event is on, you participate simply by playing games as usual in any City. Whenever you select a clue, there is a chance you will uncover a Collectible; answering that clue correctly will add that Collectible to your Collection. Reaching certain goals in your Collection will net you a Gold Bar reward and even a special limited edition Title!

While an event is Active, you can check your Collection progress by tapping the Event icon on the lobby screen.

Tip: You’re more likely to find Collectibles in your highest unlocked City!

Why Don't I see the Event Room?

Events are only available for a limited time. Once an event ends, you will not be able to access the event room any longer.

What are the Wager Amounts for in the Event Room?

Use the wager amount in the event lobby to select how much you want to pay to play in the event room.

Selecting a higher wager amount increases your winnings (Cash and Gems) and increases the amount of event points you receive.

What are Event Points?

Earn event points by responding correctly to clues. Special event clues are highlighted on the clue board and will earn you more event points.

Collect event points to unlock awesome prizes! The more event points you collect, the bigger the prize gets.

Tip: Increase your wager amount to earn more event points per clue.

What are Events?

Released semi-regularly, events are a fun way to respond to clues related to a theme. Collect event points to unlock big rewards and compete on a special event leaderboard against all players.

Each event will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to collect as many points as you can before the event ends!

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