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Jeopardy World Tour Cash, Gold Bars & Payments Guidee

What is Cash?

Cash is the currency you’ll need to wager and win on your Jeopardy! World Tour journey! You’ll spend Cash to enter games in different cities, and when you enter some tournaments and events. The best players earn the most Cash; know who you’ve got to beat by viewing the All-Time Top Earners leaderboard!

There are multiple ways to earn Cash:

Keep your brain sharp and your wallet filled to continue on your Jeopardy! World Tour!

I Didn't Get My Order!

Orders should be delivered almost immediately into your mailbox. Occasionally, when a delay occurs, they may take up to 24 hours to arrive.

Tip: Try exiting the game and logging in again. This may speed the process along.

Still not seeing the order you purchased? Please screenshot a copy of your receipt from iTunes or Google Play, and send it along to our support team. We'll get your missing items restored as soon as possible!

I Didn't Get My Leaderboard Rewards!

Leaderboard rewards can only be collected once the Tournament you were participating in has ended.

Typically, Leaderboard rewards are delivered to your account immediately, with a message that appears on your home screen that will allow you to collect your reward.

From time to time, a background of the Jeopardy! World Tour app may be required in order to view this message and collect your reward.

What are Gold Bars?

Gold Bars are used to:

How do I get Gold Bars?

Gold Bars can be obtained in any of the following ways:

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